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Using Premium WordPress Themes For Your Blog

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If you have a blog, chances are you are using WordPress. This free blog and web page tool is easy-to-use for novices and offers many themes for users. However, as the number of users of WordPress users has increased, the web is now filled with blogs and webpages that have the same layout, design and general aesthetics. It can be difficult to tell blogs apart and branding capabilities are virtually non-existent. To be recognized in today’s cluttered blogosphere, individuals and businesses alike must set themselves apart by using premium WordPress themes. The benefit of WordPress is that it is free, the bad news is, you get what you pay for. As an open source solution, there is not the support or the help desk that many individuals need to fully use all parts of the system.

Basic WordPress Themes And Their Limitations

As part of the free WordPress, they offer a variety of templates and themes. Users can easily install and swap between the free themes they offer to update the style and functionality of their blog or website. The user functions are easy and individuals do not have to be proficient in web programming languages to have a simple site up and running quickly. However, there are a limited number of these, and many of them have been used to death across the web. Since our brains function in part on visual reminders, it can be difficult to ensure that your website or blog is not confused with another that has used the same template. While they are easy to install and manage, they are difficult, if not impossible to manipulate, and you run the risk of looking just like thousands of other sites on the web. Additionally, support for installing and changing themes is not available; if there is a bug in the theme, there is no one to contact to fix the situation.

Why Premium WordPress Themes Are Better Than The Freebees

Premium themes are offered by online design companies that not only provide unique and updated designs, but also offer the support that is lacking with the free theme options available from WordPress. Some of the support includes live chat, email communications, tutorials, and forums where users can find the solutions they need to make sure their website or blog is performing, as it should. Additionally the themes are feature-rich and provide users more flexibility than the standard options. Of course, every program or ap that runs today from time to time needs to be updated to fix any bugs or security issues as they arise. Premium WordPress themes do a better job of updating the necessary challenges that occasionally arise in any program. Individuals and businesses that are looking for ongoing support, updates and excellent design should consider transitioning to one of the premium themes available.

Some Of The Features Available In Premium WordPress Themes

Widgets, sidebars, contact forms, and other plugins can make your website or blog more user friendly and unique. Free WordPress themes have limited options to customize your website. Individuals that choose WordPress for their blog or website do not have the programming skills to do it on their own; and that is ok. WordPress has allowed novices across the world to develop moneymaking websites. However, there are a number of widgets and features that can make the themes more versatile and do more of what you need. One example is WYSIWYG widget that allows you to format as you go. This can save countless hours of time and frustration. Also available are Navigation Menu widgets that allow users to easily control menus making it easier for visitors of your website. Many premium WordPress themes available today come with a wide array of widgets and plug-ins that allow non-coding professionals to create and manage professional webpages and blogs including RSS, video and social media integration capabilities.

Premium WordPress Themes For E-Commerce Websites

For individuals and businesses looking to monetize their website and to sell products online, there are premium WordPress themes that have been specially designed for e-commerce websites. Many of these are highly customizable and seamlessly integrate social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. As more and more individuals use smartphones and tablets, it is essential that WordPress themes that are chosen have the ability to adapt to whatever browser or device potential customers are using. Of course, to get the attention of potential customers, it is also important that themes allow for SEO optimization to help send customers your way. In addition, all of this needs to be in an easy-to-use format that allows you to spend less time working on your website and troubleshooting and more time doing what you should be doing to raise revenue and sales. Individuals seeking e-commerce solutions must consider the levels of support and support options available for premium WordPress themes.

Important Features To Look For In E-Commerce WordPress Themes

Starting a business with an e-commerce website is a great way to launch your business. However, you can quickly become overwhelmed by customer demand and it can be difficult, if not impossible, to manually manage many of the tasks you need. It is important when choosing a premium WordPress theme to consider the features that are most important to your business. This may include order tracking, coupon codes, inventory management, newsletters, shopping carts, Google Map integration, payment options, and more. Take the time to seriously consider the options that are going to make your life easier, and your business more profitable before choosing a theme that just looks good. Themes are only as great as their functionality.

Today, thanks to WordPress, individuals across the world can quickly and easily set up a website or a blog for free. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals have used WordPress and the free themes and templates that are available have become commonplace and overused. To ensure that your website or blog is unique, versatile and customizable, turn to a premium WordPress theme; transition is easy and the support is outstanding.

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